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SSW’s Purchasing Department Services extend across three Member and seven Customer Hospital/Health Systems, either with direct involvement of the buyer teams or purely managerial support for Hospital employed buyers.

With multifaceted responsibilities, the range of services provided by the Purchasing department encompasses close engagement with all internal SSW departments as well as all levels of hospital staff and departments.

Issuing accurate and compliant Purchase Orders (PO) for product and services, managing and leveraging vendor relationships, investigating and communicating details regarding various items/orders, addressing issues related to invoice matching (Invoice exceptions) and constrained backorders, as well as assisting with numerous financial procedures are all components of the service-package the Purchasing department provides to our hospitals.

Hospitals rely on Purchasing to manage critical materials in order to provide top-level patient-care on both a daily basis, and in emergencies where the team’s timely action, care, and expertise is essential.

Disclaimer: SSW’s Purchasing Department firmly follows ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ and Policies provided by all SSW hospitals

SSW Purchasing Management

Maria Fabrizio

Joel Southwood

Jonathan Adgey

Adil Roohi

Director, Finance, Risk & Purchasing

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Supervisor

Purchasing Supervisor

Purchasing Department Services and Responsibilities 


Purchasing operational support includes daily purchasing activities that meet Materials Management (MM) needs and expectations of all SSW Hospitals.




Purchasing works collaboratively with Hospital Accounts Payable (AP) departments to ensure resolution of invoice discrepancies and their financial impact.  




Purchasing department is responsible to ensure that all compliance requirements are met throughout the Purchase Order (PO) lifecycle in accordance with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Guidelines (BPSP).


Capital Equipment


Working closely with the SSW Sourcing team and Hospital Leads, SSW Purchasing has designated buyers who specialize in capital initiatives, and have expertise in building and managing the Purchase Orders that adhere to larger-scale project deliverables.


Special Projects


Alongside daily operational, financial, and compliance services, SSW Purchasing department is often engaged to lead and support special projects within Hospitals. These undertakings range from providing subject matter expertise for various Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and material management system integration and upgrade, as well as other strategic initiatives.

December 4, 2021

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