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SSW offers a piggybacking procurement strategy allowing additional Purchasers to enter into Agreements with awarded vendor(s) from a completed open competitive procurement process (e.g. public RFP) for the same (or substantially similar) equipment/goods/services at the same or lower pricing.


The piggyback option expedites the process and mitigates costs for all parties, associated with facilitating a new RFP.


This process has been vetted by legal counsel and is deemed to be BPSPD compliant as the prime agreement has resulted from an open and competitive process, contains appropriate piggyback language, the term established by the initial procurement is still in effect, the piggyback Agreement is for the same, or substantially similar, scope; and has the same, or lower, pricing.


Request to Piggyback Vendor of Record (VOR) Multiple Award Vendors


If this request is for a VOR award, the requester is obligated to conduct a 2nd stage evaluation. This is required from a compliance perspective; SSW does not manage this part of the process.

If, at any time during the VOR Term, a Requester wishes to purchase Deliverables from a Qualified Proponent on the VOR list, it may do so by conducting a Stage 2 Process  (RFQ - Stage 2). A Stage 2 process will involve a Requester issuing a RFQ to some or all the Qualified Proponents on the VOR list.


If invited to respond to a RFQ, each Qualified Proponent may choose whether or not it will participate in such process.

Once this process is finalized, SSW will facilitate executing the piggyback agreement to the preferred vendor.


Please click here to download the current list of piggybackable SSW agreements.

If you are interested in piggybacking one of these agreements, or for more information, please complete the form below.

If you are interested in learning more about other non-SSW Agreements that may be available to you for piggybacking, please read more under Shared Services Affiliation.


Revised August 1, 2023

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