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SSW's Data Program consists of two main streams:


1.       Data Management

Data Management is responsible for managing procurement lifecycle data integrity. The team works in collaboration with various departments at SSW, including; Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing, Analytics/BI and Finance as well as our Hospitals to ensure data accuracy, alignment and flow.

2.       Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence works closely with many stakeholders at SSW, member and customer hospitals. Through building strong relationships and stakeholder management, the team addresses and supports variety of analytical and reporting needs of its stakeholders. The team is also building a strong and integrated data platform to support interactive reporting and Business Intelligence.

As data is one of SSW’s most valued assets, and used daily across the organization to support evidence based decision making, SSW Data teams aim to leverage and integrate disparate procurement lifecycle and supply chain data sources, and model them into one source of truth in order to enable evidence based decision making, gap analysis to highlight areas of improvement, value analysis to improve processes and increase efficiencies, as well as enable risk assessment capabilities to identify and analyze potential events or processes that may impact patient care at our hospitals.

To date, SSW’s Data teams have successfully lead and supported multiple complex Materials Management system implementation and harmonization initiatives, embracing a system-agnostic approach. In addition, they provide a variety of services to support internal stakeholders and teams better access quality data, analytics and interactive reporting.

Key Contacts:


Anya Todic - Director, Redevelopment, Data, and Operational Readiness (RDO)

Jo-Ann Ross - Manager, Data Management

July 2, 2021

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